When Should You Clean your Carpet?


“When should I clean my carpets?” – This is one of the most frequently asked questions of homeowners.  


Oftentimes, it is debated what season of the year is the best to have the carpets cleaned professionally. Well, according to professional carpet cleaners, their busiest season is Fall and Spring. Of course, would not it be ideally nice to have the carpets cleaned each season? However, let us be hands-on. Most of the individuals do not have the resources or the time to make it happen. 

However, don’t worry. This article will help you if you’re having issues deciding when you should clean your carpet. There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to choose the best time to clean them.  

Family Factors 

When you’re considering carpet cleaning in Chino, CA, one of the 1st things that you must consider is how huge your home is. Usually, you’re going to have your carpets clean more frequently with bigger houses. That is simply by the idea of having more individuals walking around your carpet each day.  

For example, a family of 3 or 4 would not need to get their carpets cleaned as frequent as a family of 5 up to 6 individuals. However, there are many other aspects to consider other than the family size that might affect how frequent you must clean your carpets. If you have many individuals during the holidays and have a huge family, you might want to clean your carpet before the visitors get there and after they leave.  

General Foot Traffic in your House 

Have you ever noticed that the time of the year affects the foot traffic in your home? Maybe around the holidays and during the summer you’re having many individuals over for holiday parties and get together. You can decide to clean the carpet either after or before summer or after or before the holiday season, in either case. 

It is going to be a great first impression to all of your visitors if you have your carpet cleaned before the visit your house. On the other hand, you might want to have your carpet cleaned after people leave your house if you keep your carpet maintained and well-manicured each month. Several individuals choose to do both. They clean the carpets after and before they go over seasons of getting more traffic in their home.  

You are the One to Decide 

There are many various factors at work here that might make 1 season greater for you and another season greater for another person because of the variety of lifestyles and climates. In general, there’s a good reason for getting the carpet cleaned in each season. Mostly, the decision varies on the year you’re having and your personal preference.  

Keep in mind that there is a huge amount that you do not see that’s wearing your carpet away, even if you cannot see pollutants, soil, and stains. This could also be applied to wool rugs and other upholstery.